Since 2000, Matt O’Neil has been providing strategic consulting services, first as a founder and managing partner at the Newgrange Consulting Group, which Matt left in 2007 to found The O’Neil Strategy Group

At both firms, Matt has been the senior and lead consultant and has provided strategic planning, public advocacy, public relations, government relations, grasstop and grassroots campaign, and strategic and crisis communications advice to both corporations as well as national, regional, and state elected officials.

Matt is a savvy and experienced professional who understands complex client needs while creating opportunities and delivering results. In short, Matt will help to meet and exceed your business and political goals.

In summary, Matt brings more than 40 years of experience providing strategic planning, government relations, government advocacy, land use panning and development, creating and managing campaign programs, and branding, media and communications to meet your particular circumstances.

Political Highlights:

  • Senior Strategist & General Consultant to newly elected Boston Mayor Marty Walsh
  • Senior Strategist & General Consultant on 2 recently successful Mass. Ballot Initiatives on behalf of the Mass Nurses Assoc (MNA)
  • Political advisor to House Speaker Robert DeLeo and the Committee for a Democractic House
  • Advisor & Strategic Consultant to many real estate developers in Boston and across Mass. – including land use planning, permitting, and neighborhood strategies
  • Advisor & Strategic Consultant to many of Boston’s major corporations with municipal issues/concerns
  • Senior Advisor to Congressman Michael Capuano’s bid for the US Senate
  • Campaign/Grassroots & Grasstops Advisor to multiple Gaming Proponents
  • Campaign/Grassroots & Grasstops Advisor to a National Retailer
  • Former Political Advisor to former Senate President Travaglini and the Committee for a Democratic Senate
  • Senior Political Advisor to the Gubernatorial Campaign of Chris Gabrielli
  • GOTV Director for Al Gore for President – State of Oregon
  • Massachusetts State Director for Bill Clinton for President 1996
  • South Dakota State Director for Bill Clinton for President 1992
  • General Political Consultant to Oscar Kashala for President – the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • General Political Consultant to John DeJong, Governor of the US Virgin Islands
  • Advisor to the BioMass Ballot Group
  • Advisor to the Package Store Industry Ballot Group

Career Highlights:

  • Chief of Staff to Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy
  • Chief of Staff and Director of Economic Development for the Boston Redevelopment Authority – Boston’s planning and development agency
  • Partner in KSS Realty Partners, a Boston based investment and development firm with a focus on multi-family residential development of sites with severe entitlement issues
  • Founding Partner Newgrange Consulting
  • Founder The O’Neil Strategy Group


  • Matt is a graduate of Amherst College and received his MBA from Suffolk University.