How did $5 million in CIA money get in the hands of the terrorist group al Qaeda?

Believe it or not, somehow it did!

How can Benghazi House Committee Chair Trey Gowdy and a wannabe presidential candidate like Jeb Bush publically criticize Hillary Clinton for her email screw up when they themselves have email snafus in their own past history?

If you can catch a quick jet to Las Vegas, lay all your free cash on reporters finding yet other members of both political parties with substantial email issues of their own.

How could 47 members of the Republican Senate do something as stupid as to write a letter to our enemies in Iran undermining both the president as well as the State Department?

My quick answer? Burning hate for the sitting chief executive.

How can anyone in America, let alone members of the U.S. House and Senate, proudly proclaim that they don't text or use email?

Next thing they'll be sending out political literature using their government franking privilege to assure their constituents that they have proudly have never flushed an indoor toilet, instead preferring to use the tried and true "out house" in their yards as a substitute.

How can the group "No Boston Olympics" attack the pro-Olympic 2024 Committee for a lack of transparency when they themselves refuse to release the names of all those who have contributed to their effort to stop the Olympics coming to Boston?

The answer is obviously a first class case of chutzpah.

How can anyone be so callous, dumb and egocentric to think it's no big deal to shine laser beams into the eyes of pilots who are attempting to land airplanes full of people?

Count me as one who believes this absolutely, positively, and unequivocally is a throw-away-the-key offense.

How can anyone believe a public official who replies when he's asked if he did indeed whisper to others that his opponent was a Jew in an obviously overt anti-Semitic attempt to cripple the Jewish guys candidacy replies, "I have no recollection of saying it?"

No recollection? How about, "It couldn't have happened because there is zero chance I would ever say anything anti-Semitic, sexist, anti-Catholic, anti-Islamist or anti-gay."

How can anyone still think Dr. Ben Carson deserves to be taken seriously as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president when he recently opined that "a lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they are gay?"

And this guy is a doctor.

How can any reasoned, rational person believe that purchasing Girl Scout cookies helps finance a pro-lesbian, pro-abortion, and pro-left-wing agenda targeting pre-teen girls?

Hey, on the other hand, that means there are more Thin Mints left for the rest of us.

Oops, did I just write: left? I meant "remaining" for the rest of us.

How can it make sense to anyone (because it doesn't to me) that potential terrorists so dangerous that they made it on the U.S. government no-fly list are still allowed to go into any gun store in the nation and purchase weapons?

Thank you, National Rifle Association.

How does a couple wake up in the morning intent on shoplifting a large, cumbersome flat-screen TV from a Walmart decide it would be a real family bonding experience to bring along the woman's small child as they go about their task of stealing the item? Maybe they anticipated failing, and wanted to prove to others that the family which gets caught robbing together, ends up in court sobbing together.

How can anyone take seriously any museum (in this case the Great Barrington Historical Society Museum) that states that it is "significant and true" that local folks have had close encounters with UFOs?

Next up, "significant and true" close encounters with the ghost of Lizzy Borden at the Historical Society Museum in Fall River. 

Finally, does it make sense that criminals who have completed their sentences, and are attempting to find non-criminal employment, are stymied in that task by background checks that essentially mark each man as untrustworthy of employment?

Somewhere out there Jean Val Jean is shaking his head and muttering, "They still don't get it."

Michael Goldman is a paid political consultant for Democratic candidates and president of Goldman Associates in Boston.

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Published Date: 
Monday, March 23, 2015