By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun
January 26, 2015

Back from my first vacation in seven years.

Of course, in honor of my friend and client Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, I took my four-day, three-night sojourn on the French side of St. Martin island in the Caribbean.

My major takeaway?

Some French men think it's cool to wear thong bathing suits, which allows them the joy of exposing their derrieres (a French word) to the rest of us.

My second major takeaway?

These men are very, very wrong.

Cool isn't the word.

Yucky (not a French word) is.

My third takeaway?

The French hate Fox News as much as I do and strongly support the mayor of Paris in her attempt to sue that news organization, claiming their coverage of the Paris bombings was "wildly inaccurate" and "wildly insulting."

On the other hand, the mayor hasn't disputed the Fox rebuttal that the cable news network was "fair and balanced" in its inaccuracies and insults, so I guess that's something.

Meanwhile, some things you've got to love:

* That a federal judge in Texas, who once claimed that President Obama was conspiring with drug cartels to smuggle kids across the U.S.-Mexican border, will hear and decide the case being put forth by two dozen states that claims Obama has no right to use his executive powers to stop the deportation of certain immigrants.

And who made up all that silly stuff about justice having to be blind?

* That right before this past Tuesday's State of the Union speech, new polling appeared showing the president with rapidly rising approval ratings.

I wonder how much of those rising numbers were a result of his pre-speech promise to tax the rich and use the money to cut taxes for the middle class?

My guess? A lot.

So, since we are in a guessing mood, guess how much the most expensive house in Boston sold for in 2014?

According to the Boston Business Journal, it was mere $12,700,000.

Then again, based on what The Sun pays me weekly for this column, I'd have that paid off in no time.

* That so many years after Andy Borowitz started producing his humor column online, he still provides one of the most consistently "laugh out loud" reads on the Web.

A case in point was his recent headline, which boldly announced "Obama to Address Extremist Group."

Of course, the address was Obama's State of the Union address to the current right-wing Republican Congress.

Too funny.

And sadly, too true.

* That the name George Zimmerman shows up with startling consistency on police blotters all across the land.

Between us, ever wonder if any of the 12 jurors who bought his fairy tale that an unarmed teen was the aggressor in his confrontation with the armed Zimmerman don't now secretly go into a closet every once in a while, close the door, and shouts into a towel: "How could I have been such a dope."

* That conservative New Jersey Gov. (and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate) Chris Christie has refused to release details of $800,000 he has accrued on his American Express card.

My guess is he's concerned that even the folks back home who know and love him won't believe he could have eaten $799,000 worth of pizza, hot dogs, French fries, Chinese food, bagels with cream cheese, tacos, and Jewish deli.

Heck, what's not to believe?

* Finally, you've got to love it that while America celebrates the hottest year in the hottest decade in the history of tracking temperatures around the world, the Center for American Progress discovered the new U.S. Congress will have more global warning skeptics serving than any time in the past.

CAP also claims "more than half of all Congressional Republicans deny man-made climate change, including 53 percent of House members and 72 percent of Senate members."

No word yet on how many of them also believe storks deliver babies and Bigfoot is real.

My guess?

More than you'd think.

Michael Goldman is a paid political consultant for Democratic candidates and president of Goldman Associates in Boston.

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