My theme for this month is fear.

No, not fear of crime or want or illness.

Nope, the fear this month is the fear of the facts and the truth.

Just a few weeks ago the NRA successfully 'threatened' most of the Mass. bill board owners and companies with a potential boycott if they ran a message from the not-for-profit, 'Stop Handgun Violence'.

As most who've driven in the city for the past decade know, the group has produced a series of ads which highlight the need to remain vigilant as regards the dangers of unregulated and under-regulated handguns in our city streets, schools, and homes.

And what was their message this time?

Was it 'Repeal the Second Amendment!' or 'Confiscate all legal guns' or 'Disband the NRA'?

Nope! The sign said, 'We’re not anti-gun, we're pro-life'!

WOW! No wonder the NRA went into a paroxysm of fear!

What a devastating thought!

If you have a few minutes to watch the attached video, I think it gives a humorous overview of the NRA and their maniacal approach to gun access.


Matthew O'Neil
Published Date: 
Friday, May 1, 2015