The month of May has finally arrived, but it's fair to say April left most of us shaking off the grim idea that this past winter would simply never end.

Fear not! The snows of the horrific winter of 2015 will soon slide into the realm of memory, legend, and folklore chased away by the warm wind of spring.

Before we are seduced one again by the sunshine of summer, it might be fun to look at the stories you might have missed as April slowly morphed its way into May.

Did you catch the story of the JFK airport cleaner who was arrested after being caught stealing 1,400 mini-bottles of liquor from American Airlines planes?

My sense is she probably enjoyed a much more comfortable winter than most of us!

Did you catch the story of the high-tech prison where marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev is going to most likely spend the next 60 or 70 years of his life?

Not exactly the same kind of prison as the alleged federal country club establishment in Danbury, Conn.

Did you catch any of the stories last week detailing the end of the Vietnam War 40 years ago?

Clearly the most stunning, as well as most edifying, was the Academy Award nominated documentary by Robert F. Kennedy's daughter Rory shown on PBS titled the "Last Days in Vietnam".

Safe to say, her Dad would be proud.

Did you catch the story about how few people support the death penalty for the convicted marathon bomber?

Like I wrote a couple of weeks ago, "every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade for decade after decade after decade alone 23 out of 24 hours a day".

Now that's real punishment.

Did you catch the story that the charming Museum of Sex in New York City was hit with a whopping $82,000 bill for unpaid back taxes?

That translates into a lot of people over the years streaming through its turnstiles in an obviously sincere attempt to sharpen their education concerning this particular topic.

Who says continuing adult education is dead in America?

Did you catch the story of how the polling numbers of Republican U.S. presidential hopeful Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey have tanked to new lows while he tramps around the early primary states in a futile attempt to re-inflate his floundering campaign?

The word you are searching for is the old Yiddish term chutzpah.

Did you catch the story of the battle in New York City concerning whether to loosen some of the rules surrounding such quality of life issues as public urination?

If you ask me, I'd be far less likely to come and visit a city where the bottoms of various buildings have been discolored due to poor bladder control amongst its local denizens.

Did you catch the story of how Japan is trying and convince other nations that the well documented story of their use of so-called comfort women during World War II never happened?

First Turkey forgets Armenia, now Japan has a memory lapse over forced prostitution.

Can Germany and the Holocaust be far behind?

Did you catch the story of how my favorite New York eatery, the Seventh Ave. Carnegie Deli, was forced to close down because it stole tens of thousands in free gas from Con Edison?

I'll spare you the obvious 'gas' jokes regarding the patrons and the consumption of the Carnegie's famous pickles.

Did you catch the story of the ten additional fabrications NBC News has documented regarding their disgraced former nightly news anchor Brian Williams?

Somewhere Huntley and Brinkley are shaking their heads in disbelief.

Did you catch the story about how a bunch of very gay New York hotel owners hosted a major fundraiser on behalf of very anti-gay marriage Republican Ted Cruz?

The word you're searching for is dopes!

Finally, did you catch the story of how one of the iconic apparel stores in the history of America, Fredrick's of Hollywood, went belly up (I can't help myself) a couple of weeks ago?

Can a display at the Museum of Sex possibly be far away?

Michael Goldman
Published Date: 
Friday, May 1, 2015