First musing.

Should the Democratic miracle occur and Donald Trump hang on to win the Republican nomination for president, what does the Bush family, the preeminent Republican family extant, do regarding a guy Jeb has lustily labeled a "jerk" and his dad, George H.W. Bush, has called "a guy I just don't like"?

What is the point of the great job being done to separate truth and hyperbole from candidates of both parties by such non-partisan groups like, if in the end what voters end up believing is not what is proven to be independently true, but what their predisposed biases tell them is true?

Meanwhile, still think the NFL didn't deliberately produce a report on our New England Patriots that was "biased," "dishonest" and "fundamentally unfair" from beginning to end?

If so, urge you to view on the Internet an interview between Armen Keteyian of 60 Minutes Sports and a New York law professor named Robert Blecker. In a word: devastating.

Did you see the story about a brain-dead member of the New York City Council who is publically advocating that bikers in that city be allowed to "cruise through red lights and stop signs after slowing down and looking both ways," rather than abiding by the current law, which mandates a complete stop?

Talk about chaos in the street.And how about the story of the professor from Florida Atlantic University, a college frequently listed as one of the worst colleges in the country, who was finally terminated after years of claiming that the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was "staged," and that one of the children murdered never existed?

Moving on, some good news for us and bad news for both ISIS as well as other Islamic extremists.

After years of political disagreements, Turkey and Israel are getting ready to restore full diplomatic relations.

It seems that both nations have finally and correctly concluded that the enemy of my enemy ought to be my friend.

Among the many good things in the recently negotiated Congressional Omnibus Spending Bill were real concrete investments targeted for the middle class, including investments in education, medical research, conservation and transportation.

Amongst the many bad things in the same bill, however, were both the banning of any federal money for the independent research on the health effects of gun violence, as well as continuation of unconscionable tax breaks for both "big oil" as well as the wealthiest 1 percent.

Quiz question for today: Who is the worst Supreme Court Justice currently sitting on the court in 2016?

Is it Justice Antonin Scalia, the justice who can't shut up and always votes the wrong way, or Justice Clarence Thomas, who never speaks and always votes the wrong way?

Second quiz question for today: What does it say that Donald Trump has committing himself to nominating ideological clones of "Silent Clarence" as future justices to the Supreme Court should he be elected?

Scary times ahead.

Two true facts about Saint Ronald Reagan sure to irritate your conservative friends and family.

First, when Reagan became president he inherited a $930 billion debt.

When he left eight years later, the debt was $3 trillion.

That's trillion with a T.

Second, Reagan granted amnesty to three million illegal immigrants. Gee, and Donald Trump recently called Reagan the greatest president ever.

Final post-New Year's Day musing.

Do you happen to you know where the country of Lesotho is located?

Well, according to Wikipedia, Lesotho "is an enclaved, landlocked country in Africa completely surrounded by South Africa."

OK, now do you know which country in the world is home to the state of Ohio? If you guessed the good old USA, you'd be correct. 

Now, if you heard a certain candidate babble on endlessly about "making America great again," a phrase he has claimed includes increasing the number of jobs for workers in the United States, and then heard that same person had the chance to purchase all his campaign paraphernalia (at the same cost or less) in Ohio rather than Lesotho, at which location do you think he would choose to have his shirts and hats manufactured?

If you said Ohio, you guessed wrong.

Remember these words: Donald Trump, serial fraud.

Michael Goldman
Published Date: 
Tuesday, January 5, 2016