The Gallop Poll has been around for decades.

Its numbers are produced without thoughts of ideology, ethnicity, or gender bias.

Right after his inauguration in January, 2017 the Gallop numbers reported President Donald Trump had a favorable rating of 45% and an unfavorable rating of 48%, which was the lowest starting point for any president in their polling history.

This week, prior to the Comey hearings starting, the Gallop Poll numbers on President Trump had dipped to 37% favorable and 57% unfavorable, an aggregate loss of 17 points since January.

Why the downturn?

Certainly, one obvious reason for the dip has to be the consistent flow of negative print headlines that have poured down on President Trump’s head from his second day in office when he and his spokesmen bizarrely insisted that Trump had generated a larger inaugural audience at his swearing in ceremony than did his predecessor, President Obama, even though independent photos of identical images of the two events proved that former President Obama had by far the larger turnout.

Pro Trump partisans will no doubt read the headlines which follow and conclude the president has somehow been treated unfairly by the liberal media.

That, however, would not explain why these headlines, which have been culled from both columnists and Blogs left and right, as well as from liberal, moderate, and conservative newspapers and web sites from across country, are so consistently negative.

Reading them, one after another, it’s pretty clear that the overwhelming consensus from every independent observer, whatever their ideology or predisposed political bias, is that Trump has been, and remains, a politician out of control.

Like him or not, President Trump has acted since his swearing in as though he thinks he was elected the King of the United States for the next four years, rather than just our nation’s 45th Chief Executive, whose powers are limited by the laws elucidated under the Constitution.

Seemingly nobody explained to this President, either when he ran for office, or after he won, that unlike his business empire where 100% of all his decisions were his alone to make, a President has an independent judiciary; an elected legislature; and an engaged and informed public, all of whom expect to push back, to question, and to reject, if they so choose, his decisions.

Are these headlines fair and accurate or unfair and inaccurate?

Read them, think about them, and decide for yourself.

Fair or unfair; accurate or inaccurate, they explain, at least part the abysmal 37% -57% numbers we see before us today.

HEADLINE: Trump claims ‘no politician in history’ has been treated more ‘unfairly’

HEADLINE: Trump, the caricature of the ugly American in Europe, demeans us all

HEADLINE: Trump’s war against the checks on his powers, keeps expanding

HEADLINE: Trump’s latest unhinged tweetstorm could hasten his downward spiral

HEADLINE: Donald Trump poisons the world

HEADLINE: The enormity of Trumps budget scam is coming into view

HEADLINE: Trump is prepared to destroy the planet out of sheer spite

HEADLINE: Never has a President been so big, so monstrous, or quite so small

HEADLINE: Trump reportedly swayed by ‘dubious’, ‘misleading’ data on Paris Accords

HEADLINE: Trump: Still misleading after months of fact checks

HEADLINE: As Trump lashes out, Republicans grow uneasy

HEADLINE: Nobody wants to work for Trump because he’s ‘crazy’, says senior Republican

HEADLINE: Trump lies, China thrives

HEADLINE: Trump sharing highly classified information with Russia shows his extreme hubris

HEADLINE: Trumpcare’s cruelty, reaffirmed

HEADLINE: Trump is abdicating the country’s moral power

HEADLINE: If Trump stops tweeting, how will we know how demented he really is?

HEADLINE: Trump’s budget would cut EPA science programs and slash cleanups

HEADLINE: States and cities compensate for Mr. Trump’s climate stupidity

HEADLINE: Voters describe Trump as ‘idiot’ and ‘liar’ in disastrous new poll

HEADLINE: Donald Trump is never to blame

HEADLINE: Four year olds don’t act like Trump

HEADLINE: Donald Trump is massively unpopular, and he’s making no effort to change that

HEADLINE: Trump hands Chinese a gift: The chance for global leadership

HEADLINE: The walls are closing in on Trump

HEADLINE: The experts were right: Trump isn’t fit to be president

HEADLINE: America in retreat






Michael Goldman
Published Date: 
Friday, June 9, 2017