02/07/2016   Blog   michael

Like it or not, and I do, Hillary won in Iowa. Like it or not, and I don't, Ted Cruz won in Iowa.

All the spin in the world won't change those results.

Now it's on to New Hampshire, where Bernie has to "win," and not "virtually win," to stay even marginally alive on the Democratic contest, and it's on to New Hampshire for Cruz, where his historically inaccurate and horrifically un-American statement after his Iowa victory that "our rights come from God and not the Constitution" will lead to his decisive defeat in that "Live Free or Die" state.

And speaking of historically inaccurate and horrifically un-American statements, who is going to break it to Benito Trump that if elected president, he can't arbitrarily "overturn same-sex marriage" as he claimed in Iowa last week to Evangelicals.

01/11/2016   Blog   michael

If this is how 2016 is starting out, it looks like we are all in for a very long year.

We start with the latest Trump lie.

According to "the Donald," the terrorist group Isis "was a creation of Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton."

As anyone who has even a half a brain knows, it was, in fact, the unnecessary War of Choice that the Bush Administration waged against Saddam Hussein and Iraq which eventually led to the creation of ISIS.

01/05/2016   Blog   michael

First musing.

Should the Democratic miracle occur and Donald Trump hang on to win the Republican nomination for president, what does the Bush family, the preeminent Republican family extant, do regarding a guy Jeb has lustily labeled a "jerk" and his dad, George H.W. Bush, has called "a guy I just don't like"?

What is the point of the great job being done to separate truth and hyperbole from candidates of both parties by such non-partisan groups like Polifact.com, if in the end what voters end up believing is not what is proven to be independently true, but what their predisposed biases tell them is true?

12/23/2015   Blog   matt

Attention, for one day it will be too late.

A sense of value, the inalienable place of the individual in the scheme of things, with all that accrues to the individual - self-reliance, courage, conviction, self-respect, and respect for others.

A sense of humor. Laughter leavens life.

The meaning of discipline. If we falter at discipline, life will do it for us.

The will to work. Satisfying work is the lasting joy.

The talent for sharing, for it is not so much what we give as what we share.

The love of justice. Justice is the bulwark against violence and oppression, and the repository of human dignity.

The passion for truth, founded on precept and example. Truth is the beginning of every good thing.

The power of faith, engendered in mutual trust. Life without faith is a dismal dead-end street.

The beacon of hope, which lights all darkness.

12/23/2015   Blog   michael

With all the media attention focused this year on the so-called international War on Terror, the usual hysteria surrounding our own nations seasonal 'War on Christmas' has been massively underreported by the normally vigilant coterie of Christmas War Watch Elves employed by Fox News.

Yes, Ted Cruz did touch on the 'spirit' of our annual War on Christmas when he made clear that any Christian in the world who found themselves the victim of religious intolerance ought to immediately be cleared to immigrate to the United States, while such non-Christian victims of similar religious intolerance like the Syrian Muslims needed instead to find refuge in some majority Muslim country elsewhere in the world.

Left unsaid by Cruz at the time was the fate of other persecuted non-Christian faiths.

12/13/2015   Blog   michael

So now they call him ‘unhinged’?

Historians in the future will ask why it took the ‘serious guys’ in the race for the Republican nomination for President in 2016 so long to call out Donald Trump for the foppish buffoon he has become during the campaign for their party’s nomination!

Most Democrats, Independents, and thinking Republicans long ago accepted that this strange, egomaniacal thug and bully was damaging the Republican brand to wide swaths of potential general election voters.

The sad truth is Donald Trump running as our nation’s Chief Executive has been akin to Bozo the Clown, makeup still on, attempting to portray Hamlet on stage at the Old Vic in London.

This past week former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL.) jumped all over Trumps ludicrous, mean spirited, and unconstitutional ‘ban all Muslims’ tirade, correctly labelling it, as noted above, as “unhinged’’.

11/30/2015   Blog   matt

Please check out this story from the Washington Post today and decide that you’ve had enough of doing nothing about preventable gun violence! It’s our Country and it’s our responsibility to do something to help stop the daily mass shootings.

Many of the daily mass shootings are happening with weapons and ammunition manufactured and sold by Wall St investment management firm Cerberus Capital Management. Cerberus owns over 20 percent of the US gun industry including Bushmaster AR15 assault rifles, the military style weapon used by the shooters at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and DC Sniper, to name a few.

Cerberus also owns Star, Shaw’s, Safeway, Albertson’s Markets, OSCO Drug and Steward Health Care/St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and others!

11/16/2015   Blog   michael

It's still a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving, yet it never seems too early to honor the "turkeys" who seem to surround the rest of us each and every day.

Let's start with the embarrassment of the turkey reporter who dug up a 1997 Parade magazine article where the mother of Dr. Ben Carson allegedly confirmed the good doctor did indeed try to stab either a cousin, a friend or a stranger while still a teenager.

The bad news is that the story has come apart since then, and that Momma Carson now tragically suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

Using a story from 18 years ago to either confirm or negate Carson's current twisted tale seems, at best, turkey-worthy.

Moving on to the turkeys in the U.S. Congress who continue their seven-year battle to keep open the unbelievably expensive and antiquated Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, where 112 detainees from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to be housed.

10/12/2015   Blog   matt

Senator Elizabeth Warren: It's time for Congress to work for the American people, not the NRA

10/06/2015   Blog   michael

Sarah Palin thinks she wasted her time in high school and college learning foreign languages like French and Spanish and instead advocates we all just do the right thing and "speak American"!

My question is, which of the indigenous people's dialects she wants us to learn: Iroquois, Apache, Sioux, Nez Pierce, or Yiddish?

In case you missed it since his campaign has all but disappeared from public view, Republican Presidential hopeful Scott Walker worries that with all the police shootings this year, "this is not the America he grew up in."

He's right! It's safer today for police officers than it was back when he was growing up.

Seems Walker sadly grew up during the first seven years of Reagan administration, when there were no fewer than 576 confirmed police shootings across the nation.

During the past seven years under President Obama, there have thankfully been only 314 such police shootings.