04/20/2015   Blog   michael

Spring has sprung, tepidly at first, but the warmth is sure to follow.

At least that's what I think.

The backtracking by Jeb Bush of his initial support for the original language in the recent idiotic anti-gay Indiana law shows that while he's willing to run as far to the right as he needs to in order to win the Republican nomination, he will make a mad dash back to the center if he makes it to the final.

At least that's what I think.

Talking about Indiana, not one of the many potential Republican candidates for president took the opportunity to publicly criticize the original language in the bill until after Gov.

Mike Pence and the right-wing Indiana legislature backed down, which was a huge lost opportunity for one of them.

At least that's what I think.

04/06/2015   Blog   michael

This is a column regarding three seemingly disparate stories that are nonetheless linked by the broad mosaic of how we treat those different than ourselves.

The first is a tale of personal courage in the face of ignorance circa 1965 that has resulted in an uplifting new book fully 50 years after the incident that spawned it.

The second is a tale from earlier this year regarding political dirty tricks, which, apparently, has backfired on its sleazy perpetrators.

Finally, the third tale is a story of political arrogance in 2015, one that has produced a backlash that may finally prove how far we have come as a truly tolerant nation that demands fairness for all our citizens.

Tale No. 1 we'll call "personal courage."

04/01/2015   Blog   matt

Ah, wrong about the March weather!


This months prediction, I think, will prove more accurate.

03/23/2015   Blog   michael

How did $5 million in CIA money get in the hands of the terrorist group al Qaeda?

Believe it or not, somehow it did!

How can Benghazi House Committee Chair Trey Gowdy and a wannabe presidential candidate like Jeb Bush publically criticize Hillary Clinton for her email screw up when they themselves have email snafus in their own past history?

If you can catch a quick jet to Las Vegas, lay all your free cash on reporters finding yet other members of both political parties with substantial email issues of their own.

How could 47 members of the Republican Senate do something as stupid as to write a letter to our enemies in Iran undermining both the president as well as the State Department?

My quick answer? Burning hate for the sitting chief executive.

How can anyone in America, let alone members of the U.S. House and Senate, proudly proclaim that they don't text or use email?

03/09/2015   Blog   michael

Keep repeating the mantra:

"I won't let the winter break me"!

"I won't let the winter break me"!

Feel better? Me too!

Now on to more important stuff!

My review of the CPAC clown show masquerading each year as a serious political gathering:

Everyone who attends ought to be forced to wear a T-shirt bearing one of Ronald Reagan's most famous (and honest) quotes -

"Facts are stupid things".

03/01/2015   Blog   matt

So we had more snow than we ever had before in the city's history last month, and that record precipitation was coupled with the one of the coldest February's on record.

We also had a Superbowl victory and a Superbowl parade - a much needed and deserved respite from the insanity of the New England weather.

So call me crazy for wondering why anyone would not expect the streets and sidewalks of Boston to still not to be in perfect shape!

Come on people.

Spring training has begun and I have a strong feeling March is going to be more like early May weather-wise than early January.

02/01/2015   Blog   matt

Is it that  time again for a second Blog entry?

Man, why did I agree to do this?

Wait, here's something you can take to the bank.

The snow will end.  Yes that is true.  It will stop and melt and spring will actually arrive - some day.  Until then, hunker down and enjoy and appreciate what you have. 

Keep the faith.

01/01/2015   Blog   matt

My New Year's resolution this year is to Blog at least one big or small thought a month. This is a big deal for me since I'm not sure anyone will read my big and small thoughts. Hey, it could be worse. I could have to produce a 700 word article every week for the Lowell Sun like my compatriot in crime Magschmooz!

I'd rather have my teeth pulled out one at a time.