03/31/2015   In The News

Michael Goldman and Senator Bob Hedlund give us their take on Boston 2024, as well as the stakes for Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton. [21:35]

02/17/2015   In The News

So you want to become a United States citizen and you come from a foreign land?

One of the prices you have to pay is you have to pass a citizenship test.

So you want to be a graduate of a Massachusetts high school?

One of the prices you should have to pay is to pass the same citizenship test.

Why, you ask?

Because you can't truly be ready to participate in the political process if you can't pass a basic exam on the history of our government and how it operates.

Naturalized citizens are required to do it. So should citizens lucky enough to have been born here.

A recent random test of 15 junior and seniors at a state university, which I've chosen not to name, reveals all. All 15 are US citizens. All graduated from public high schools in the Bay State. All are students in good standing with the university on the way to graduation.

02/09/2015   In The News

There are 17 good reasons why Democrates are looking forward to 2016.

Reason 1: John Bolton

Former United Nations Ambassador Bolton wasn't included in the Iowa poll of potential Republican candidates released last week by the Des Moines Register, but that hasn't stopped some far-right crazies from touting a guy who recently criticized Fox News for "backing down" after it was forced to acknowledge its ludicrous claim that France and England both have no-go zones, where only Muslims are allowed to enter was fraudulent.

Reason 2: Jeb Bush

His father couldn't remember dozens of meetings on Iran Contra; his brother couldn't remember why he ducked out of the last year of his National Guard obligation; and he couldn't remember bullying younger and smaller kids while in prep school.

The tradition continues.

02/04/2015   In The News

In a city where politics is a blood sport, shaping a candidate’s public persona can be big business. Candidates spent hundreds of thousands of dollars last year on the guys — and they’re almost always guys — who worked behind the scenes as strategists, juggling media calls and developing advertisements and campaign themes.

The ground has shifted yet again for Boston’s public affairs firms, with a wave of newcomers on Beacon Hill and in Washington. The time between election cycles is when strategists build their roster of private-sector clients. Political races can pay off months after an election: A surprising, come-from-behind win creates positive exposure and gets people talking. If the victor is a high-profile position such as governor or attorney general, corporate clients come knocking, hoping to buy a direct line to the new bosses or at least an understanding of how they think.

02/02/2015   In The News

OK, it's true we had more snow this past week than we had during the Blizzard of '78, which occurred on Feb. 6-7, 1978.

But the Blizzard of '78 was not just about snow.

In fact, snow was the least of it.
I know, I know, your first thought is that this column is simply going to be one of those diatribes by a curmudgeonly old man who wants you to know that "back then" we had "real" snow, while this week's snow was "wimpy" snow.

Not so.

Nobody is prouder than am I of how far we as a commonwealth have come in our preparation and implementation of snow-emergency responses since we were caught completely flatfooted 37 years ago.

And I say "we" because back in 1978, I was a key player in the Blizzard of '78 response.

On the first night of the storm, I found myself alone on a cot in what we humorously dubbed back then "the MDC Storm Control Center." To put it succinctly, the current Framingham bunker it wasn't.

01/26/2015   In The News

By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun
January 26, 2015

Back from my first vacation in seven years.

Of course, in honor of my friend and client Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, I took my four-day, three-night sojourn on the French side of St. Martin island in the Caribbean.

My major takeaway?

Some French men think it's cool to wear thong bathing suits, which allows them the joy of exposing their derrieres (a French word) to the rest of us.

My second major takeaway?

These men are very, very wrong.

Cool isn't the word.

Yucky (not a French word) is.

My third takeaway?

The French hate Fox News as much as I do and strongly support the mayor of Paris in her attempt to sue that news organization, claiming their coverage of the Paris bombings was "wildly inaccurate" and "wildly insulting."

01/12/2015   In The News

By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun
January 12, 2015

Gov. Charlie Baker has made some very good choices for his new cabinet, but he really got it right when he named Marylou Sudders to lead the Department of Health and Human Services.

Can you say superstar?

Mike Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, a former governor of Arkansas, an unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate, and now a former Fox News Channel talk-show host, got it wrong when he recently quit his show because he is considering another run for president in 2016.

Paging Harold Stassen.

It was a very close call, but my gut tells me the federal appeals court got it right when it both refused to delay the Marathon Bomber trial and refused a request for a change the venue.

The crime was here, and here is where the trial ought to be held.

01/04/2015   In The News

By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun
January 4, 2015

I've reached the point in my life where I check the death notices almost every day, in large part to make sure I myself didn't make the list.

As I approach my 50th high-school reunion, however, I always assume it is possible to occasionally see the name of a former classmate or two, or maybe the name of some old colleague from the past, listed.

This is how I found the name of Mike Ralph a couple of months ago. Ralph, a former aide to House Speaker Tip O'Neill, for whom I also once worked, was later a longtime senior administrator at the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority.

I hadn't seen or heard from Mike in decades, but seeing his name gave me pause anyway, both because he was a very good man with whom I had shared some pretty good times, and because he was yet one more person I once knew who was no more.

12/29/2014   In The News

By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun
December 29, 2014

Trust me. You can take these to the bank. In 2015, I predict neither Mitt Romney nor Elizabeth Warren will announce a run for president, but Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton will.

In 2015, I predict the Republicans will continue to be on the wrong side of history when it comes to immigration reform, global warming and Cuba, just like they were on the wrong side in the past on Social Security, the minimum wage and equal pay for equal work.

In 2015, I predict The Interview will become one of the top grossing films of the year.

12/15/2014   In The News

By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun
December 15, 2014

Last time, I focused on past and current books that explain history as it really was, rather than how we'd like to think it was.

On that list, I mistakenly omitted Zephyr Teachout's Corruption in America: From Benjamin Franklin's Snuff Box to Citizens United. The title explains the subject. Teachout tells the many stories.

This time, I focus on a wider and deeper array of books, all of which I read this year, and now recommend to you.