12/01/2014   In The News

By Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun

Part one of my list of best reads for the year ahead is loaded with books from the past as well as books published just this year.

For example, the best single volume examining the entire American Revolutionary remains The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 by Robert Middlekauff, which was first published in 1985. If you've never read it, and are interested in this era of American history, you should.

That said, there was a great addition to the history of that extraordinary period just this year.

11/18/2014   In The News

By Emily Rooney
November 18, 2014

As host of Greater Boston, I’ve got about 18 years in the rearview mirror and just four more weeks ahead of me. And before I leave this perch, we’re inviting people back on the show who helped make it what it is today.  We’re calling it the Greater Boston version of my weekly radio segment, “Emily’s List.”

Democratic consultant Michael Goldman has been kicking around Boston even longer than me. We first met in 1979 or 1980 when he was working on someone's political campaign – don't remember whose. When his daughters were born, we had an instant connection: they are identical twins, and so am I. He'll tell you to even this day that I gave him good advice: two birthday cakes.

11/13/2013   In The News

Michael Goldman
Lowell Sun

First-person analysis from inside the winning mayoral campaign Mayor-elect Marty Walsh wasn't supposed to be the next mayor of Boston.

The wildly popular Tom Menino was supposed to run for an unprecedented sixth term and sweep to victory against Boston City Councilor-at-Large John Connolly, whom most observers had decided was in the race to set himself up to be the front-runner four years hence.

But when Menino suddenly bowed out for health reasons, the aforementioned Connolly was well-positioned to take advantage of having been in the race for mayor for months.

Not that anyone thought he'd run unopposed.